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Michael Pei

Michael is a new Research Software Engineer at Swansea University, having obtained a PhD in Computational Many-Body Physics from the University of Bristol in 2021 after a MPhys from the University of Oxford in 2017. During the course of his PhD he studied the usage of shallow neural networks such as Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBMs) in quantum many-body problems onĀ  lattices, including the Heisenberg model and Bose Hubbard model. To obtain numerical results for these studies, Michael has developed a MATLAB/C++ package to perform variational MonteĀ  Carlo (VMC) calculations using modified RBMs. His research interests include the application of machine learning to quantum many-body physics, analytic representations of quantum states with shallow neural networks and the emergence of structure and correlations within neural networks applied to physical problems.

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